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There are over 6000 children in foster care in Alabama and there is an urgent need for safe homes with a loving and nourishing environment for these children. Freedom Farm will provide such a place.

Our Purpose

•  Provide a safe haven for abandoned and at-risk children
•  A loving home where parents will teach and guide children to maturity
•  A Christian home where children are introduced to God using the Bible as a roadmap  in hopes that each child will develop an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ
The Homes
Activities Center

The Property

The Barn
Freedom Farm resides on 60 acres of land in a beautiful rural setting in Coker, AL, and houses children without a home in hopes to give them “freedom to soar” and succeed in life. Freedom Farm will be an 7 home campus, having the capacity for 42 boys and girls.

The campus will have Freedom Chapel, an office/activities center, farm animals and a barn surrounded by gardens woodlands, pastures and fields.
Freedom Chapel
Freedom Chapel
A place to.png

A Message from Dr. John Waits

Founder & CEO
Reflect with me for a moment on a simple question.  Where would you be today if it were not for the influence and guidance of your parents?  Or possibly your most influential mentor, if not a parent.  I know the answer for me.

Freedom Farm exists to be a safe haven for abused, abandoned and neglected children who unfortunately did not receive what the majority of us did---loving parents.  Our goal is to provide them a home with parents to guide them into mature, responsible adults.  This home will be located in a community of homes on a farm which strengthens and encourages each other.

We hope to provide them with three things which all children need for success---an anchor, a compass and a cross---an anchor for security, a compass for direction and a cross for hope.  With these three things they can face life’s challenges with courage and confidence…and then pass it on to the next generation.
I pray you will join us in this important effort.



Weldon Cole (left) and Dr. John Waits (right) speaking at the Freedom Farm Groundbreaking Event on 30 Jan 2023

A Message from Weldon Cole

Board Chair

Those of us who were raised by two parents who loved and guided us into adulthood were so richly blessed. But what about the abused, abandoned or neglected children? What hope do they have? They, like all other kids, just need an opportunity.

Our mission at Freedom Farm is to provide the environment where they can soar, reach their God given potential. 

We plan a community of homes, each having six children and two loving parents nurturing them emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. I know you will want to help provide this setting where some of our lost kids can thrive. Whether you can fund a home, sponsor a kid, buy a garden bench or just give a few dollars, it’s going to take us all. I know we can count on you. 

It’s for our kids!



Board Members

Richard Burch  
Weldon Cole
Tracy Comas
Lynn Corder
Susan Cork
Ashley Gill
Jheovanny Gomez
Chad Gore
Jennifer Hart
Stuart Hartley
Ray Hayes
Will Hewson
Judy Holland
Kellie Hubbard
Molly Ingram
Megan Johnson
Teresa Johnson

Shelley Jones
Shayla Smith
Charles Nash
Randall Perkins
Andrew Synder
Mark Sullivan
Matt Tompkins
John Waits
Fitzgerald Washington
Jimmy Warren
Cathy Wood
Claude Edwards
Jim Harrison III
Brock Jones
Lin Moore 
Pam Parker
Tim Parker, Jr
Gene Poole
Malcom Portera
Cathy Randall
Charles Wade
Joseph Deason
Director, Family & Facilities
Amber Capell, MBA
Director, Administration & Advancement
Kristen Turner, JD
Director, Child Placement Agency
Erica Deason
Family Counselor
Devin McCullough
Volunteer Coordinator

Support Us Today!

Please help hurting children by supporting Freedom Farm.
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